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Freshly baked cakes, cupcakes, macarons, and more home delivered to you across Bengaluru!

Liquor Chocolate
Boozy chocolate cake infused with rum and topped with OMR (Old Monk Rum) filled pipettes!
Nutty Chocolate Cake
Chocolate cake layered and topped with roasted almonds!
Chocolate Truffle
Layers of soft chocolate sponge and dense but silky-smooth chocolate ganache make this cake a decadent celebration
Pastel beauty
Elegant pastel beauty topped with white chocolate macarons and acrylic gold topper. Available 1kg onwards.
Elegant Ombre
If you prefer subtle pastel colours , this is the perfect design for you. Available 1kg onwards
Ultimate Lotus Biscoff Cake
Vanilla sponge layered with lotus biscoff spread which has a deep caramel flavour. This cake is rich , cream and super delicious. Available 1kg onwards
Jack Daniel Whiskey Cake
Made to perfection. It includes a real miniature jack daniel bottle. Available 1.5kg onwards. It's a fondant cake.
Biryani is BAE
Perfect cake for somebody who just LOVES biryani. Available 1.5kg onwards.
Beer Mug Cake
Pineapple flavored adorable mini beer mug cake for your daddy dearest.
Confetti Cake
This cake sparks pure joy. Topped with cream cheese macarons and decorated with rainbow sprinkles. It's covered with fresh cream. Available 1kg onwards .
Makeup Theme Cake
For someone who loves makeup. It's a fondant cake. Available 1.5kg onwards
Lavender bliss
Simple, elegant and delicious. Available 1 kg onwards.
Peppa Pig Cake
Colourful fondant peppa pig cake. Available 1.5kg onwards
Barbie Cake
Surprise your baby girl with this beautiful barbie cake. Available 1.5kg onwards.
Minnie Mouse Cake
Cute adorable and delicious Minnie Mouse cake . Available 1kg onwards.
Choco Lava Jar
Chocolate cake layered with chocolate ganache topped with chocolate flakes!
Mocha Chocolate Jar
Chocolate sponge soaked in coffee syrup layered with coffee frosting in a jar
Red Velvet Jar
Red velvet cake layered with cream cheese frosting!

4 Items

Red Velvet Macarons (Box of 5)
Delicate French Macarons with soft cream cheese center!
Chocolate Macarons (Box of 5)
Delicate French Macarons with soft delicious chocolate ganache!
Strawberry Macarons
Delicate french Macarons with soft smooth strawberry filling are a must try!
Anniversary Cake
Beautiful anniversary cake with minimal fondant. Available 1kg onwards.
Fondant Heart Cake
Cute little fondant heart for your special someone . Available 1kg onwards .
Red Velvet Heart
Classic red velvet cake layered with cream cheese frosting! Available 1/2 kg onwards

3 Items

Boston Cream Berliner (Box of 1)
These Berliners or center filled doughnuts are super fluffy and full of flavour filled with boston cream & topped with white chocolate ganache and cashew praline!
Chocolate Berliner (Box of 1)
These Berliners or center-filled doughnuts are super fluffy and full of flavor filled and topped with chocolate sauce!
Strawberry Berliners (Box of 1)
These Berliners or center-filled doughnuts are super fluffy and full of flavor filled with strawberry jam and sprinkled with icing sugar.

3 Items

Nutella Brownie
This nutella brownie is chewy, moist, and perfectly fudgy with a crinkly top. Type - Egg
Red Velvet Brownie
Rich red velvet brownie with delicious cream cheese frosting for a burst of flavor and texture in every bite
Chocolate Almond Brownie
Rich , Decadent & Fudgy ! These brownies are a must try !

8 Items

Blueberry Cupcake
Light, vanilla cupcakes filled and topped with blueberry compote!
Mocha Chocolate Cupcake
Chocolate coffee cupcake topped with coffee frosting!
Chocolate Ganache Cupcake
Classy chocolate cupcake topped with a beautifully frosted chocolate rosette!
Carrot Dryfruit Cake
Delicious carrot cake made with whole wheat flour and jaggery sugar . Generous amount of cashews and raisins are added giving it a nice and rich texture . Available 1/2 kg onwards. It contains egg.
Banana Walnut Cake
Moist banana walnut cake made with whole wheat flour and brown sugar. Perfect for people who prefer cakes without cream and less sugar . Best served warm . Available 1/2 kg onwards. It contains egg .
CIF Combo (Cake, Ice cream & Flowers)
Delicious cake, fresh flowers, and tempting natural preservative-free NIC ice cream! Perfect combo for gifting :)
CnF Combo (Cake & Flowers)
Send your loved ones a virtual hug in the form of beautiful flowers and a delicious cake. Click on add to customise.
Ultimate Birthday Hamper
All things delicious birthday hamper , perfect to gift to your loved ones or to self indulge. Customise it by choosing the items from the addons.
Fruit of forest pastry (Box of 2 )
Perfect tropical delight , layered and topped with fresh fruits!
Rasmalai pastry ( Box of 2 )
Classic blend of vanilla sponge , rabdi & rasmalai. Generously topped with pistachios, almonds & rose petals
Chocolate Truffle Pastry ( Box of 2 )
Layers of soft chocolate sponge and dense but silky-smooth chocolate ganache make this cake a decadent celebration and it comes in a pack of two.
Mini Corn & Spinach Quiche (30pcs)
Buttery pastry base filled with delicious cheesy white sauce mixed with blanched spinach and american corn!
Mini Farmhouse Pizza (30pcs)
A fresh veggie baked pizza made in house, with all your favorite toppings. We top it with the freshest veggies and finest quality mozzarella cheese! Kids will love this delicious party snack!
Aloo Samosa (30pcs)
Evergreen favorite party snack - aloo samosa served with delicious coriander chutey
Banoffee Pie
Bananas , toffee caramel , whipped cream all assembled on a buttery flaky tart base topped with chocolate shavings . It contains egg.
Apple Crumble Pie
Buttery flaky crust , filled with delicious apples spiced with cinnamon and topped with almond crumble! This apple crumble pie is the perfect #dessertforone. It contains egg.
Chocolate Caramel Tart
Buttery flaky crust with a soft caramel filling, topped with chocolate ganache and crushed walnuts!
Pull Me Up Cake
Trending Pull Me Up cake is available in multiple flavors. Click on 'ADD' to choose your flavor. It comes along with sauce and nuts to be poured on top of the cake before pulling up the plastic sheet.
Pinata Cake
Trending pinata cake. Smash open the pinata with the hammer to find a delicious cake inside. Available 1/2 kg onwards.
Best of both worlds!
Confused between two flavours ? Order BOTH! Choose your TWO favourite flavours and we will customise a delicious half n half cake for you . Decor will depend on the two flavours chosen . Available 1kg onwards.
Unicorn Drip Cake
Brighten up your child's birthday with this magical cake. Available 1kg onwards.

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